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190cm width label loom

190cm width label loom

Item No.: 190cm
Specially design and developed high speed rapier jacquard label loom for high quality,all kind of satin/taffeta woven labels,jacquard lace and ribbons
* steady,high precision machine frame with on frame built jacquard gantry to enhance beating motion an

Rapier Model: XH-R1 rapier loom    
Width: 190cm(72 inch) 230cm    
Speed: 400 rpm-500 rpm Max    
Colour: 8 colour electronic colour selector  
Feeder: 6,electronic feeder (IRO Star G2)    
Control system: Electronic control system with micro processor
Warp let-off: servo motor,electronic let off with tensioning device
Take up: electronic servo motor take up    
Stop motion: electronic auto stop motion    
Weft finding: auto pick finding device with variable program
Lubrication: cantralised auto lubricating system  
Warp Beam: Dia 800 mm    
Jacquard: Hook:1152/1792 hooks    
Controller: Harness:European standard harness cord  
Power: 7.5km main motor(3 phase,380V,50HZ,±10% tolerance
Weight: approx 5500kg    


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