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rapier loom

XH-R1 High speed rapier loom

Item No.: XH-R1
High speed rapier loom
Arrangement for electronic jacquard with 1344.2688.5376.10752 hooks for the trademarks,ties,scarfs,decorative fabrics,curtain cloth,sofa cloth,bed cloth,and clothing fabrics.
  Nominal  width(cm) 190-380cm  
  Speed 300-550 Rpm  
  Shed Low position electronic dobby (max 20 Frames)
  Pick-finding Automatic pick-finding.Reverse pick-finding by for-ward motion
  Let off Electronic let off  
  Take off Electronic take up  
  Warp stop Electronic warp stop motions with 6 or 8 colors
  Weft Density 10-100 wefts/cm  
  Weft color selector 6-color eclectronic selector(4,6,8,12,16 colors optional)
  Selvedges Independent selvedge device  
  Control system Smart computor control system  
  Fabric application Warp yarn 12-80s,weft yarn 10-60s,Denim,clothing fabrics,bedding fabrics,blackout fabrics,curtain fabrics,etc
  Lubrication Electrical oil pump.  

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