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XHG-2688 Hooks

Item No.: XHG-2688
Type:  16 XHG2688 Hooks,
The highest shed frequency: 200/350 RPM.
Selection method: solenoid board  + drive circuit board +Vertical/Chain needle+ sheet steel.
Sheding form: double-lift,flat-open shed
Sheding height: 95,100,105mm adjustable
Driving Mode:Chain/Vertical -shaft


Main Application

  • Fabric Suitability: Suitable for most jacquard-weaving applications such as trademarks, ties, terry cloths, decorative fabrics,curtain cloth, sofa cloth and all kinds of jacquard fabrics.
  • Field of application: It can be matched with kinds of Chinese or domestic rapier loom,air jet, water-jet and towel weaving machines.
  • Futures: This series of jacquard has eccentric driving mode+gear box. It can realize steady transmission, which has less noise and longer service life.  By imputting jacquard CAD design software controlls system via USB interface. Easy management and flexible application. 


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